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10 Years Makeadream – in Diário de Notícias

Design and Technology for the Digital Transformation of Companies

Creativity, Results, Analysis, Future and Transformation are the pillars of the CRAFT methodology, which Makeadream uses to balance the technological and innovation aspect with the versatility and rigor of design in the projects it implements.

It was born ten years ago and was conceived after a year of unique experiences. Makeadream, Craft Digital Agency is today focused on the digital transformation of corporate communication and business.

Pedro Palrão, graphic designer by training, is founder and CEO of Makeadream. From IADE he went to Barcelona so that the last year of the course was a unique Erasmus experience. “I had contact with a more urban and creative culture, which gave me motivation to create an agency with a concept similar to that of the author’s creative cuisine, focused on detail and detail, inspired by the gastronomic project elBulli by Ferran Adrià (we were in 2007) ”, he says. Initially focused on Design and Communication services, Makeadream ended up making the natural evolution for the digital area today presenting an offer in three experiences: Grow (Technology Services); Believe (Design Services); Effect (Digital Marketing Services)

Makeadream intends to innovate in the communication processes, of companies with its employees, and of companies with its customers.

In this sense, Makeadream created in 2018 a sub-brand “QuiteaMind” dedicated to the design and development of technological products that assist the digitalization of companies’ businesses.



“Everything that allows a company to have analytical information about its business is important”, underlines Pedro Palrão. That is why Makeadream develops solutions that allow you to monitor everything in real time. “For those who manage companies and businesses, it is important to have a 360º view of what is happening”, he stresses. In this way, it contributes to optimize channels, concepts and processes, with solutions that fit the needs of the client, or made to measure.

São oito os setores de atividades onde a Makeadream atua: Corporate, Recursos Humanos, Cultura, Desporto, Saúde, Life Style, Turismo e Lazer, trabalhando ainda em parceria com agências de publicidade e comunicação que não possuem internamente recursos na área digital ou de design.



In ten years the company has had a very solid growth, due to the persistence of the team that composes it. The route was ascending, but gradual. The balance is “clearly positive. The word resilience is the one that best defines us ”, says the CEO.

In creating the agency there was a desire to “break through mentalities. We came up when the crisis was starting in Portugal. Customers wanted to communicate more and better, but they didn’t have a lot of money to invest and we were able to help customers find solutions with smaller budgets, coming up with new ideas and new concepts ”.

Currently, the phase is of greater maturity and balance. For the future, the company aims to develop model solutions, work in the consulting area, and train people / programmers who are leaving the market.

To cement the international position is another goal, since, after some work done in France and Germany, Makeadream wants to conquer new flights. In addition to monitoring their solutions remotely, he wants to scale them and “assemble a small team outside Portugal, with the same concept and philosophy, but working abroad,” reveals Pedro Palrão.

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