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Content is not a trend, it is a must have

Once upon a time there was a way to create content. Now it’s time to create, produce, adapt and recycle them.

The power to arouse interest in an audience is the biggest reason, currently, to seek and invest in a content strategy. Often the goal is to gain notoriety and, in its “genesis”, increase sales.

But how to do it in the most effective way? What resources?

There are as many resources as we have at our disposal.

Regarding the most effective way: It is relative … In the creation of content there are no absolute truths, on the contrary – experimenting with different formats and realizing which one can generate more return and engagement, can be a solution. However, in this type of communication, the challenge has two sides: the rational and the emotional.

When showing a product or brand, there is the reason and the advantages, in the same way that the orange has the peel and its juice. You know it is an orange because you recognize the peel and it is a fact, or extract its juice so you can refresh yourself and ingest some vitamin C.


This is the balance of duality in a content: facts and emotions, which can also be seen as advantages. And we must always remember who is on the other side, that is, who will eat that orange.


Content production is an area that is increasingly indispensable to any structure, company or brand that is in a phase of digital transformation.

The copy‘s persuasive power is now stronger than some images and the investment in storytelling, as a digital tool, is the story of enchantment for your audience.

Just as fruit is born from trees, ripens and is ready to be eaten, so is the creation of content – it can be created or developed by everyone, but it will only correspond to the objective if it is perfected in the right environment.


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