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Craft … Food, Craft … Talent, Craft … Drink, Craft … LifeStyle … Craft is in fashion. But the “digital” came to provide important help. If, on the one hand, technology “stole” the personal stamp of the production process, it also came to open doors for the mission of the “digital craftsman”.


To regain control by the manufacturing process is to break the cycle of having everything done for us and for us, including ourselves.

Contemporaneity, from a Western perspective, is no more than the possibility guaranteed by the State, to choose. Choosing, in a classic perspective, was a declaration of ideological, religious, professional identity.
It was the famous possibility of the “pursuit of happiness”, enshrined in the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America. It was the space that the liberal State left each one to follow its individual plan of identity and growth.

It is in this context of apparent boundless freedom that many of us choose to connect with something that we consider to be genuine. The possibility of the “I” being unique is increasingly reflected in the concrete reality that we are just one more, alone, among others who resemble us. And in that sense, our identity is only the product of mass production.

This feeling is associated with a growing desire for people to reconnect to their environment. To take control over themselves, over the action they impose on the world. From food to clothing, through birth and even political intervention, there is an increasingly clear desire to have a voice of its own, authentic, to be recognized for acts of authorial creation.


The massification of production disconnected the human species from its component, not only manufacturing, but creative. It made man more than giving him a voice, mechanically linking him to production, as his assistant, or as his receiver (consumer).

The resurgence of this manufacturing and, therefore, creative drive, reconnects man to his nature as an influencer and creator of the environment in which he lives, reconnecting him to the world. From the producer of objects to the producer of digital solutions, the man who creates connects with those for whom he creates. He creates a community with them, because he knows them, and with them he identifies concrete needs.

Thus, you are also responsible, because the product of your work incorporates specific needs that you want to solve. And so, craft production is also responsible, giving it a face and an ethic that mass production, decontextualized, impersonal and disconnected, can never have.

If gaining control over yourself and the world is the craftsman‘s guiding principle, what is the angle of who is on the other side? What is the motivation of those looking for man made, craft made?
Why do I, the consumer, feel that the product fulfills and better addresses my needs?
Answer: identity e quality.


For those who choose the craft made product, a concrete answer is given that addresses the desire for recognition, identity, individuality, but not in its disconnected and anonymous form. And a solution is also given that responds to the biggest problem of standardization and massification of production, whatever the area of ​​activity it is: the lack of authenticity.

The art of the former manufacturer was to adapt the final product of his work to the one who had ordered it. A pair of shoes, a suit, or even a hammer or ax, if they did not correspond to the request made, if they did not fulfill the function for which they were created and, if they did not last, then craftsman and client would follow separate paths.

Because of this, one truth seems to be consensual: there are no single sizes that will suit everyone. There are also no unique solutions that can serve everyone. The digital product already shows the maturity to incorporate the quality that past lifestyles can bequeath to us with the ability to enhance modernity in companies and people’s lives.

Why? Simple. We are sitting at the table and integrating all the actors in the design of a product, of a solution. An ecosystem where identity, authenticity, need and quality coexist in the same process of Creation / Production / Communication and Use.


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