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Digital Tourism. Solutions for your customers and your team

Trends in the digital transformation of the tourism and leisure sector are revolutionizing the relationship and communication that customers have with services. From virtual reality, chatbots, online concierge, there are several examples that have an advantage in the communication process with customers.

It will not be less true, that the digitalization of services increases the responsibility of the human aspect, which is more and more exposed and more and more compared to the “machine”.

Digital services are increasingly smarter, anticipating and personalizing their performance with customers, which is why it is necessary for hotel and catering units to have well-prepared teams to be behind and ahead of “digital” when it comes to contacting the client.

The concept of “Digital Places” where “experiences” are kings and queens, it is increasingly easy to search and evaluate experiences at the user level. However, for those who promote the service, it is increasingly challenging and competitive to maintain quality and differentiation standards. 

In this sense, Makeadream opened the range of its digital solutions, now also directed to the tourism & leisure sector so that hotel companies can enhance their customer experience with their customers.

Digital Solutions for Tourism & Leisure


Provide an immersive experience to your new customers. Engage them in a digital tour where they can discover their space, respond to challenges and earn rewards.

Support: Mobile/tablet app and web platform
Objective: Welcoming new customers through a differentiating experience
Advantages: The welcoming process allows the company to obtain more information about the profile of its customers (tastes and interests) in order to conduct the rest of the experience in a personalized way.


Through feedback mechanics, monitor and reward customer satisfaction in real time.

Support: Mobile/tablet app and web platform
Objective: Collect customer feedback in real time (during the service period) so that the management team can monitor and improve their service.



Bet on the formation of your teams. Through online modules, your employees will be able to work on concepts, quality standards, customer service in a practical, effective and monitored way, so you can qualify your service.

Support: Mobile/tablet app and web platform
Objective: Through modular training based on gamification, employees can work on technical topics about their role online and at any time.
Advantages: Management teams have visibility through the solution’s backoffice, employees better prepared and with assimilated knowledge



Manage your staff and skills through a simple, modern and very versatile platform.
Design development plans and have access to your team’s technical profile.

Support: Mobile/tablet app and web platform
Objective: The company has a tool where it can more effectively manage the information of its staff and their assessment of skills and performance.
Advantages: The teams feel that there is a structure for evaluating and monitoring their talent and skills, with formal moments for evaluating and sharing feedback, increasing the levels of motivation and commitment of employees.

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