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Your brand’s data empathy is the conductor for a better experience for your customers

In 2019, one of the main ingredients that we used in our digital marketing projects, was content. This will and will continue to be the main ingredient. Without content, we have no stories, we have no emotion, or anything to tell ….

But more important than that, is that through the production of quality content, optimized for web and social networks, we managed to generate data empathy. What is data empathy?

Data empathy arises from the brand’s ability to gather insights about its customers through the involvement they have with their content. That is, the reaction to certain themes, preference for certain solutions, and even demonstration of needs that were not yet identified. This whole process will assist the automatisms that the brand has in its communication strategy: Campaign automation, segmented content, artificial intelligence.

How to implement and obtain data empathy results?

The strategy design is based on 3 components that work together, as if they were three cogwheels.

1 – Compelling Content

The brand should have a compelling content strategy to increase the levels of engagement of its customers with its products and services.

Compelling content consists of compelling, persuasive or engaging content.
How can brands do their best?

  • Produce content for the audience to perform an action (be it click or even like a page), instead of creating subjects without purpose;
  • Make the themes relevant, so that the public is more curious and attentive to what is released;
  • Present the content with aesthetic and consistent care;
  • Introduce diverse content formats (image, video, gif, podcast, blog …);
  • Develop and present content in storytelling format

2 – Customer Experience

The brand must know its customers’ journeys very well, in order to be able to measure and enhance their customer experience.

Customer experience is essential to increase sales in any brand or business, but mainly to create loyalty. It is therefore important to know our customer’s journey in depth!

But then, how to analyze this journey?

  • Monitoring the client is the most important factor that must be scheduled and “ritualized”, so that new developments are presented at the right time:
  • Knowing who we are talking to is essential, in order to create empathy and understand the client’s goals / needs, as if they were ours;
  • Ask for recommendations of the work that was created, in order to reinforce the preference for the brand;
  • All of this cannot exist without the desire to innovate and constantly have new perspectives on the same product throughout the process.

3 – Data Driven

The brand must have mechanisms for collecting and evaluating data resulting from the customer’s journey. Ex: preference patterns and behaviors.

We are talking about a strategy that depends on the extraction and analysis of data from various sources of information: website, social networks, newsletters and others.

Without data, there is no information that can support decision making!

Data analysis presents us with several benefits, including doing A / B tests of an ad, for example, in order to understand which of the two generated better results and, consequently, which interests the user more and which one can bring us more return on the investment we set out to achieve.

That is why it is so important to constantly monitor the information that is generated by customers, such as, for example, a growing trend is social listening, whose main objective is to respond to changes and consumer trends, in reaction to what users mention and post about the brand on social media.

From what tools can we collect this type of data?

All of these sources can be integrated with other software and tools for data analysis and marketing automation.

Do you want to know more about data empathy and how to apply it to your brand? Talk to us



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