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Because Feedback can be a very effective tool in the development of skills and business, on this day of feedback the best is really:
Go to Feedback, Go to Feedback, Go to Feedback.

How is it in what way?
We help.

Makeadream has developed modular software (QuiteaMind) whose purpose is to assist companies in the culture of digital transformation, focusing on three axes: people, processes and channels.

In this sense, one of the modules of this solution consists of feedback mechanics, between employees, between users and services, between customers and products.
The qForward module is not an isolated product, but a global solution that aims to record, monitor and enhance feedback, being integrated into a skills development system, an objective assessment process, a climate study, a mystery shopper and even even in a CRM for qualifying commercial leads. It all depends on your business and where you want to implement this tool.


Feedback Solution

More than a digital solution, this tool also aims to standardize and qualify the way in which feedback is made or collected.


Today, being the feedback day, we share some curiosity and good practices on how to give and receive feedback.

Types of feedback:

It aims to reinforce positive behavior and encourage its repetition.

It aims to modify a behavior through a clear and fair speech, which highlights the failures without demotivating the person.

It is characterized by a heavy speech, highlighting negative points and giving no clue to changes.

It is organized in three moments:
– Focus on the positive points,
– Presentation of aspects to be improved
– Conclusion with words of encouragement


What works well:

  • Point out the solution to the problems and the necessary actions to be taken
  • Make the person feel understood and motivated to act
  • Clarify the points that deserve attention and encourage the development of improvements
  • Encourage, focus on learning, build trust and encourage cooperation
  • Increase the self-confidence of those receiving feedback

It doesn’t work well:

  • Make the person doubt his own ability and feel hopeless
  • Focusing too much on the problem and not the solution
  • Undermine employee self-confidence and motivation
  • Highlight only weaknesses and ignore strengths
  • Emphasize guilt and create a situation of confrontation of insecurity

How to give proper Feedback:

  • At the beginning of the conversation, highlight the qualities of the employee, as it will help to break the resistance
  • Highlight what needs to be improved. The focus should be on the behavior to be changed and not the person’s identity
  • Make a balanced speech addressing positive and negative points. Thus, the employee will maintain a good reception during the conversation
  • Listen to what the other person has to say to make them feel comfortable exposing doubts and difficulties
  • Discuss the changes that can be adopted, guide tasks and, together with the employee, create a plan to achieve the goals
  • At the end of the feedback moment, confirm that the information has been understood and encourage the employee to improve

How to receive feedback:

  • Before receiving feedback, conduct a self-assessment reflecting on your current behavior
  • Show interest in what the evaluator has to say, even if you disagree. Remember that this is an opportunity for growth
  • If in doubt, ask. Be proactive, look for details, facts and examples to better understand the highlighted points
  • Avoid defense mechanisms and accept criticism for an improvement in your performance
  • Take advantage of tips to set new goals and stay focused on practical and concrete results
  • Ask for new feedbacks as you want to check the effectiveness of your performance


Meet qForward – Feedback Solution

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