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Make a Transformation with QuiteaMind

Article about QuiteaMind in RH Magazine for the month of May 2019 as part of Makeadream’s 1st anniversary.

In the year in which it celebrates 10 years of existence, the digital agency Makeadream launched QuiteaMind – Power Digital Transformation. This modular Digital Suite Solutions has as main objective to provide solutions that help companies in the digital transformation process, increasing their innovation and competitiveness through programs based on gamification and a strong analytical component.


The focus of these solutions is based on 3 pillars:

PEOPLE – Increased levels of employee and customer engagement with the company/brand

CHANNELS – Creating new, more effective online and offline communication flows

PROCESSES – Optimization of daily tasks and increased analytical and reporting capacity


“I feel and know that technology has a malleability far superior to that of the human being and we much more easily adapt digital to people than the other way around.”

This is one of the premises that QuiteaMind defends through Jorge Ferreira, Makeadream’s PMO. The fact that each company has its own culture and different needs, requires that the solutions have some elasticity so that they can fit like a puzzle piece in all the mechanics of the companies without causing friction or resistance.


Training, Objectives Monitoring, Feedback, Customer Loyalty and Talent Management, are some of the areas where QuiteaMind solutions are already implemented through the 4 modules available in 2019.



This app allows the construction of training/training plans through thematic modules with challenges in competition format. Users work knowledge in a playful way and companies monitor the performance of their teams.



This platform allows you to create immersive experiences to welcome new employees, creating a positive and innovative impact on the entire onboarding process.



This platform allows you to manage and support the entire employee evaluation process, allowing the creation of development plans and automatic coaching.



This app allows you to create a culture of feedback among company employees, but also to measure levels of satisfaction between services and customers.



“Although the official launch of the brand took place at the beginning of 2019, the creation of these solutions was already an objective that has been prepared since 2016, so we do not consider it to be a startup but rather a materialized extension of a path / dream that Makeadream has been doing since 2009.

QuiteaMind thus assumes itself as a software house with a focus on Digital Transformation, wanting to expand its portfolio of active companies internationally this year, having for this a growing development team and only focused on the roadmaps defined for each module. ” Reinforces Pedro Palrão, CEO of Makeadream and who sees these solutions as true training tools and business leverage for companies.


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