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PSE has a new visual identity that, according to the company specialized in data science and advanced analysis, aims to strengthen its position in the market. Makeadream was responsible for the development of the rebranding, which includes the new logo and signature “Your Data Specialists”.


For the PSE Strategy Officer, Nuno Santos, the new visual identity reinforces “the DNA of innovation and disruption” that have accompanied the company’s history and that will remain in the future, being that they are developing “pioneering solutions”, in the Country , in which projects in the area of ​​mobility and artificial intelligence are integrated.

Makeadream’s CEO, Pedro Palrão, explains how they developed the new image: “PSE has been collecting and analyzing data for 25 years and this, as we know, is increasingly mobile and fast. It became obvious to us that the new image of the company should also represent this new reality of data on mobility, speed, variety. In fact, we want the new logo, whenever possible, to be alive and not static ”.

Along with the rebranding, in the year in which it celebrates 25 years, PSE also announced the launch of a new website.

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