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Ncontrast Magazine – A project in the works for a generation willing

Ncontrast Magazine

The Ncontrast Magazine project preceded the creation of Makeadream. February 9, 2018 marked the 10th anniversary of this project.

” Today, 10 years ago, the Ncontrast – Conceitos Perpendiculares project came to life in the form of a Cultural Magazine – Bimonthly and Free.


It was at the LER DEVAGAR bookshop at Fábrica de Braço de Prata that a group of young graduates from various fields (Design, Art, Journalism, Science, Architecture, Music, Theater, Cinema, History …) launched this project with courage, boldness and a certain freedom vs naivety.


It was a generation with a desire to shape their dreams and put them on the map. In the midst of a crisis – launch a free cultural magazine…. Crazy, crazy …


In fact, with this temporal distance, the magazine that managed to launch 7 issues (always with a lot of effort and to the letter), ended up building foundations for the future. Interviewees who became Partners, Advertisers who became customers, Collaborators who became great friends and launched challenges for new projects.


At the time, still without the potential of Social Networks, Ncontrast was distributed in several cultural spots (Lisbon / Porto / Coimbra) and added names on its pages such as:

– Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles

– Joana Vasconcelos

– Eduardo Serra

– Mia Couto

– Story Taylors

– Gérald Bloncourt

…among others.


With writing in the heart of Alfama, the first meetings were at the Faculty of Fine Arts, and the evenings to review the magazine at each other’s houses. There were times when the belief in the “Project” was the shirt, and this quality often does not exist even in the largest companies.


A special thank you to all who participated in this adventure, and who somehow left their mark on a contrasts team, a project of contrasts, a structure of contrasts, but all of them perpendicular… .and with that magic at its point of interception .

PDF version of the magazine:


A project like this coming soon? Who knows…”


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