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Neves de Almeida HR Consulting integrates Makeadream

After 30 years, market trends dictated the operation and Neves de Almeida HR Consulting, the management consultant specialized in Human Resources, has just joined the digital agency Makeadream to respond to the necessary modernization of processes in the area of ​​people management.

Lisbon, May 26, 2020 – Facing the current paradigm and the daily needs that have been placed to maintain the proximity and focus of the work teams, Neves de Almeida HR Consulting now presents a proven technological response through digital solutions , implemented with the support of Makeadream, a specialist in the field.

The Makeadream team has just been integrated by Neves de Almeida HR Consulting, following almost two years of working in partnership and with several projects already implemented, which prove that the employees of these Client companies, feel more qualified for their tasks and challenges of professional activity, as well as the same way, allow to demand that they use all their skills to overcome the challenges and the development of new capacities that allow them to exceed their expectations.

According to Pedro Rocha e Silva, CEO of Neves de Almeida HR Consulting, “our Clients are increasingly looking for digital solutions to transform and modernize a series of processes in the area of ​​people management, and in addition, the employees themselves, namely those of more recent generations, demand that of their organizations”.

For Pedro Palrão, CEO of Makeadream, “the digital transformation we have seen in the lives of companies, is based mainly on 3 vectors: People-Channels-Processes. More than a way to get people involved with a certain situation, these solutions offer incentives for them to feel excited to take an action or progress with a task ”.



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