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OFFF 2019 – How it went

Just arrived from OFFF Barcelona, ​​a festival of design and digital communication that took place from the 25th to the 27th of April at the Design Museum, we leave here our sharing of this year’s experience.

These days, hundreds of professionals in the field of design, video, programming, illustration, etc. gather in what is one of the reference cities in terms of creativity. Almost as a mandatory exercise for those who want to contact and absorb the best that is being done around the world at the level of visual culture, OFFF’s stages are an undeniable boost of creative energy and therefore are worth the 3 days of conferences and workshops that the event presents.

Given the diversity of themes and areas that the speakers address, it is always challenging to choose which conferences that interest us most, or those that will impact us in some way. However, in all editions there is usually a common thread and a set of common messages in the air, sometimes around the importance of creative processes for each project, sometimes about our worklife balance and “attitude” to have in the market.

It was not the most “spectacular” edition, nor did it have any of the usual headliners, (probably the best surprises are reserved for the 2020 edition, where the festival will celebrate its 20 years of existence), but it stood out mainly for a more “craft” concept that was reflected in the whole structure and spirit of the festival.

Our Totems.

With the signature of the Bienal agency (Mexico), the concept of this year’s edition “Offfterlife” comes to address the importance and reflection on our individual totems, visually represented by a mask (Icon of this edition), with the aim of transmitting that we must assume our creative totems, do not forget our origins or what makes us really different. For this reason, the masks were put on and personalized by the festival’s speakers, and sharing the totems was the great motto for a close, open and inspiring dialogue.

OFFFTERLIFE: OFFF Barcelona 2019 Campaign by Bienal Comunicación from OFFF Festival on Vimeo.


Trends and realities

There were several themes covered in the 3 different stages that the festival presented this year. We feel an approach more focused on storytelling and ideas that matter, as sources of conduction to projects and results that are more and more real (less fake) in order to humanize engagement with customers and users.

Through the focus on experience and elasticity of the creative process, we are able to obtain more dynamic results that cause better engagement.

Experience + Elasticity = Engagement

At the level of more technical components, some of the topics covered:
– Artificial Intelligence as an element in the creative process;
– Immersive experiences must have a “physical” component and not just “virtual”;
– Some tips and rules for applying effective UX on accelerated mobile pages (AMP);
– Variable fonts (typography) come to establish and open new standards for logo design;
– The digital customer experience is the key for brands to obtain the much desired brand loyalty;
– Digital marketing campaigns on social networks must “break” the system of social networks themselves;
– The comfort zone is a slow death, we must cause problems for ourselves;
– There are no limits or rules for the creative process and visual results;
– Collective multidisciplinarity is essential for us to evolve as professionals;

For the year there’s more!

OFFF 2019

Photos OFFF 2019

OFFF 2019

Photos OFFF 2019



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