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Progressive Web Apps – What advantages?

Progressive WebApps


What are the major logistical challenges of creating and implementing a native app?


  • Development time;
  • Resources and Team;
  • Money;
  • Submission in stores;

All of these accumulated factors often put great ideas with simple functionalities in a drawer, losing time-to-market and falling behind other priorities (such as the brand, the website, social networks, etc.).


In the last few days, Apple announced the possibility of installing Apps without having an evaluation process by the AppStore, making it possible, for example, to turn a (responsive) website into an app (with many similarities to a native app).


How it works?

  • Your webapp is downloaded to your iphone / ipad via a link generated by the AppStore;
  • After downloading the webapp, it will appear in the middle of the other apps on your device;
  • Após o 1º click na webapp, surgirá uma página da App Store para confirmar a autorização do uso da webapp


What limitations regarding a Native App?

.The WebApp will not have access to the main features and functionality of the iphone (for now), Bluetooh, Screen rotation lock, Contacts, Calendar, Puh Notifications …

.The WebApp is only updated with internet.


Progressive WebApps


Can you imagine, that all the investment made in your website / portal or even online store, can still be capitalized in a WebApp for your customers, with probably less than half of the process (time, resources and money) mentioned above?


Of course, an App is always an App! But is this often the only way / solution?


In a paradigm in which apps dominate mobile devices, the fact that nowadays the mobile first approach is crucial in the conception and development of web projects, the mobile terrain can be perfectly divided. (There is room for everyone).

If there are web projects that choose to have an App version with another strategy and features, today we can have a web project that can serve both strategies.


What advantages?

– Update of content / features – the fact that the web app is already installed does not require new versions submitted, the process is more agile;

– Sharing the same source of resources as the web project;

– In many cases you can have a better performance (speed) than a native app;

– Access to some important features of the device where it is installed: Geolocation, Photo Camera, Apple Pay, WebGL, etc;

Want to know more about how to take advantage of this trend? Talk to us!


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