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What ecosystem will your brand live in 2019?

The companies’ ecosystem is experiencing a period of uncertainty and anxiety, but also of great opportunity. The (r) digital evolution that we see in the markets absorbs the use of technology to reinforce the business pillars, value chains and customer / employee relations.

However, many companies still question:

Will technology enhance the business model?
Or, on the other hand, will it require new adaptations?
Digitization requires several reflections.

Within the ecosystem where the “company” operates, there are now more beings (competitors) and more elements that will compel companies to create new ecosystems to “migrate” and evolve.
Some argue that great opportunities will be at the borders between various businesses, and it will be at these borders that business models will be put to the test.

This transformation and migration of processes depends not only on technology, but there is an enormous need to change mentalities (from the consumer to the employee) through new design, marketing and communication models, which accompany and play a fundamental role in the whole process.

What questions should companies ask?

> Can the company’s value proposition be enhanced with technology?
> Is competition use of technology a threat?
> Can technology optimize the relationship with customers and attract new audiences?
> Are the distribution and communication channels of the business threatened?
> Should the company find new key partners and strengthen its resources?


In what new ecosystems do companies
are they creating seeds?

Connected mobility

Smart cars, environmentally friendly vehicles, autonomy and better circulation

Digital Commerce

Online multi-channel distribution


Virtual and secure acquisitions and transactions

Gestão de talento e performance

“Worklife Balance it´s the best money”, Career Management, Online Coaching

Health at a click

Automated online services and online monitoring

High tech environments

Recreation of workspaces, consumption and leisure

Digital Media

Consumption of culture, information and entertainment

Digital logistics

Implementation of agile methodologies and process optimization

e-things (education, training, politics)

Online communities, intervention and increasingly global training

Digital energy

Monitoring and usability of new energy sources

Digital agriculture

Smart Systems


What ecosystem will your brand live in 2019?



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